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The Idea

Probiotic super smoothies to give you everything you need to power up your day. I created the logo and identity package, designed two generations of packaging and their current website.

01. The Logo

The mark was primarily inspired by motion as the name ‘Nomva’ was created in reference to the Spanish verb ir, in the third person “va” means “go or going” depending on the conjugation. The mark for Nomva is smart, streamlined and bold. No filler, no fluff, No B.S. The ‘O’ pushes out in front of the wordmark in a manner that subtly breaks away and pushes the fourth wall.

02. Mobile Design

Mobile apps are all about high speed functionality and getting you what you need when you are on the go. Mobile startups have a fresh, colorful vibe and lots of energy. We wanted to tap into this functional, colorful design, and make Nomva the mobile platform for delicious, nutritious food.

03. Transparency

The best products have nothing to hide and put their ingredients front and center. A brand should get out of the way and simply deliver the highest quality, organic products to its customers on the go. It’s everything you need: Nothing less, nothing more.